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The 2016 Rule29 Holiday Gift Book is quite possibly the greatest collection of Christmas-themed products of all time.
— Your Aunt Judy's neighbor, Patrice

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Sparkle-Brite Lite-up Sweater™

Imagine: You step up into da club. The music stops. The dancing halts. All the ladies’ eyes are on you. And then suddenly...the bass drops, the drums hit and you’re busting moves that would make Fred Astaire himself tremble with fright. You’re a blaze of light and wonder, you’re on fire with the Christmas spirit, you’re the brightest Christmas diamond in a sea of cubic zirconia. Is that the North Star guiding the magi to the manger? No, it’s you doing your infamous whirling dervish routine and blowing up the dance floor. Christmas 2016 is your year. But only if you order this sweater. Disclaimer: batteries not included.

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